Mr. Sheber is a $100,000 Ring Earner who has been part of the Moore Success Team for over 9 years and has been one of our top recruiters.

Damian worked 60 plus hours a week on Wall Street for five years and another 11 years he worked another 60 plus hours a week in the mortgage business. Through all that work he realized that dreams require dedication and commitment; they require you to give a portion of your life so the dream can be realized. You can either build your own dream or you can build someone else’s dream. He and his wife Amber decided to build their own. They have built a successful LegalShield business. This past year they surpassed the $300K mark in lifetime earnings, qualified for Gold Executive Director, enjoyed two vacations and added a second BMW. However, they are most proud of the accomplishments that their team has made and their immediate goal is to help 500 people retire from their jobs within the next year.