Getting Started Right

We’re excited for your success, and proud of you for taking the first step toward reaching YOUR dreams! Success starts with you getting started as a new Associate the right way, getting connected to information for continuing education, and teaching the team you build to do the same.  Your goal is to get paid, promoted, and into profit-mode quickly, right?  Right!

Follow the 5 steps in THIS section, and refer all your new Associates to do the same.

1st Step:  Get Started — First Step Training!

2nd Step:  Take Basic Training!

  • Log in to your Associate portal at > Log In > I’m An Associate (use login name & password or create an account).
  • Go to the TRAINING tab then select BASIC TRAINING tab.  There you’ll see the online course or how to find a live class near you.
  • Complete Basic Training within 30 days of the day you joined as an Associate, and from that date, you’ll have 30 days to complete your Fast Start Qualification (for details on Fast Start Qualification, see 5th Step below).

3rd Step:  Get Your License! (if needed)

  • There are 14 States / Provinces which require a license to sell legal plans to its residents.
  • Be sure to check with you sponsor or Associate Services to ensure you take the proper steps in obtaining needed licenses.

4th Step:  Get Plugged In!

  • Attend your local weekly business briefing and/or luncheon … and bring guests as often as possible (see Event Calendars tab on this site).
  • Identify your support team!  Get the contact information for your upline Manager, Director and Executive Director, and get to know your local Certified Meeting Coordinator, Regional Manager and Certified Trainers.
  • Get familiar with the content available to you in your Associate Portal!   A great place to start?   Click on the “Training” tab… great training videos available they’re under the Getting Started Section.
  • Join us on the weekly Moore Success Team conference call, held the each Monday 8pm Central Time (712) 432-2815 Pin: 77041#
  • “Like” us on Facebook:

5th Step:  Get Paid and Promoted!

  • We want YOU to get paid and promoted (a.k.a. Fast Start Qualified)!
  • We know that once you earn your FIRST promotion, you’ll want to do it again.
  • To get Fast Start Qualified, earn 5 points as quickly as you can by completing ONE of the following:  Enroll 5 personal members (5 points)
  • Enroll 3 personal members + one of them you also recruit as a Jr. Associate (5 points)
  • Enroll 2 personal members + recruit both of them as Jr. Associates (6 points)
  • Your qualification period is 30 calendar days from the date you join as a Jr. Associate – though it ONLY takes a few days when you set your mind to getting it done!  You can add 30 days by attending Basic Training Class within your first 30 days…
  • When you earn 5 or more points to get Fast Start Qualified within a calendar month, you’re ALSO in Performance Club… and on your way to bonuses, a BMW and free vacations!
  • For any questions, call Associate Services at 580-436-7424.

Wondering how to start sharing information?  Check out the SYSTEM BELOW!

So many success stories throughout LegalShield proves that the word “SYSTEM” is really an acronym:

Save Yourself Some Time Energy & Money

The more closely YOU follow the system, the faster you’ll build a team which duplicates – across town or across the continent.   Duplication is KEY!   When a new Associate can copy WHAT you did, the WAY you did it, and immediately do the SAME THING…you’re on your way to massive success.

  • Step 1 – Approach

  • Step 2 – Tool

  • Step 3 – 3-Way Call

  • Step 4 – Live Event

  • Step 5 – Training

 Online Training Modules:

The Basics in Building Your Business:

Choosing Your Income Level:

“Amateurs convince, professionals sort.”

Your role is to FIND people who are interested in learning more.   You will go through several “NO’s” to find the “YES’s”…and that’s okay!   All the top income earners today are those who sorted through the most people to find those who said YES.

Always keep in mind that people are willing to buy from and do business with those THEY LIKE and FEEL COMFORTABLE with.

Tips:  Smile.  Give genuine compliments.  Be yourself.  Be normal.  Have fun.  Use breathmints/gum.  Be sincere.  Always approach people with the intention of helping them rather than seeing them as a commission.  Wear LegalShield gear when out…people might ask YOU for information.

The best way for anyone to learn who we are, what we do, and see what’s in it for them?

EXPOSE them to a “dose” of information.   Don’t hose them down with everything all at once… pique their interest.  Keep your initial exposure to 5 minutes or less!   Make their first introduction to LegalShield be short and painless!   Choose one of the following exposures — depending on which option is quickest for your prospect to review:

  • Get them to your personal LegalShield website and click “Our Videos”!
  • 3-way call them into a short recorded overview call (like 1-512-703-6148, option 1)

Example approach with those you know:

“I’ve got something I want to share with you, it will only take a few minutes, and you may or may not be interested….
….  do you have time to watch a 2 minute video right now?”
….  do you have 4 minutes right now to hear a quick overview?”
(WHICHEVER is fastest!)

Example approach with those you don’t know:

“Hi!   My name is _____.   Are you from around here?  (Listen)  What do you do?  (Listen)  Do you have a business card?  (If not, get their email address / telephone number)   Here’s my business card – let me know if I can ever help you out!  I’ll send you a quick email, and you just have to click ACCEPT to watch a 2 minute video which explains who we are, what we do and how we help.”

… And, if you have the Business Builders or Business Professional website, enter their email into your CRM and follow up.

That’s it!

Once they’ve been APPROACHED with initial information, many will like what they see, and want to learn more.

Note: “TOOL” is not spelled “m-o-u-t-h”. =)

Your goal is to share MORE information with your prospect using a LegalShield tool which does all the explanation for you.  What’s the best tool?  The tool YOU like best, and the tool you can get in front of your prospect the fastest!

Here are a few TOOLS available:

  • A company DVD
  • A website overview
  • A Sit-Down presentation using the Flipchart

Your goal is to move each prospect through this system as quickly as possible.   Once you’ve shared information with a TOOL, there’s a good chance your prospect witll have questions.  ESPECIALLY for recruiting, use 3rd a party expert for questions, which is Step 3.

The BEST way to DUPLICATE your efforts in building a team is to get yourself OUT of the way as often as possible.  The less the recruiting process is about YOU… the faster those you recruit can duplicate the process without YOU – and we all want a business that can grow even without our presence, right?   Right!

Once your prospect has been through Steps 1 & 2, they will probably have questions…just like you did.  Whether you’re brand new or already a top leader, 3-way call your prospects into an “expert” to get their questions answered AND so they can see first-hand that 1) we all work as a team, 2) they don’t have to have know all the answers to questions in order to succeed, and 3) they know they can do the same thing from day one!

An EXPERT is someone who:

  • Is not YOU
  • Can answer a few questions
  • Share their quick story of success
  • Help YOU invite your prospect to either sign-up or show up at the next event

Diamond Executive Director/ $1 Million Ring Earner Brian Carruthers shares tips:

Once your prospect has their questions answered, some will get started on the spot!  Others may still need to see info…  which means your goal is to move them to Step 4.

The BEST live event is the first one you get your prospect to attend the soonest!

Live Events are…   Luncheons, Business Briefings, Super Saturdays, and even Private Business Receptions.    A live event allows your prospect to get ALL the information and SEE that there are many folks – people just like them – having SUCCESS already!

After your prospect has been through Steps 1, 2 and 3, they are going to attend a live event for confirmation – not first-time information – and the chances of them getting started as a member and Associate on your team AT the live event is very, very good.

Important to Understand:  80% of what a brand new Associate knows about HOW to do this business is what they learned from you during the exposure process.  Every new Associate asks the same question: “What do I do to build a business?”

If you’ve taken them through this process….

  • Step 1) They saw a little dose of information and wanted to learn more
  • Step 2) They learned a more by way of a TOOL
  • Step 3) They got questions answered by someone other than you
  • Step 4) They attended a live event to see the full picture

….not only do they know they can DO the same thing, but they know the system works!
AND, they’ve already been trained on how to do the same with others. This duplicates!

Next step:  Training… which is Step 5

Since we used 3rd party tools, 3rd party experts and 3rd party events to guide a prospect through the process of deciding to get started as an Associate, it makes sense that we continue using 3rd party systems to help our new Associates get started.

If what we’re doing doesn’t DUPLICATE, we won’t be able to grow a team as fast.

All new Associates should go to THIS PAGE to complete the same process YOU did.  Simple!

The word “sponsor” comes from RESPONSIBILITY.  As a sponsor, it’s our responsibility to guide each new Associate through the process of getting started the right way, providing positive support along the way.   The great news?  We don’t have to BE the only source of information, education, motivation, and inspiration — the SYSTEM does most of that FOR US!

Building this business is a TEAM SPORT.  The better we follow and promote this system, as well as each other, the faster our business will grow.

Success in THIS business isn’t about any ONE of us; it’s about all of us working together!