The Legacy of YOUR Moore Succe$$ Team

The Moore $uccess Team was founded by Kennith and Shirlene Moore in 1984 at the age of 47 after experiencing a complete loss of their meatpacking business. Within their first few months they earned $48,600 and have since earned $500K as earned annually, Platinum 2, Millionaire Club Members, and Platinum World Council along with many other accolades and leadership positions along their way including Executive Vice President of LegalShield, Board member for PPL Casualty, Chairman’s Award from the founders Harland and Shirley Stonecipher, Friend of PPL Award and a Bronze Bust in the lobby of LegalShield Corporate office in Ada, Oklahoma. Kennith passed away in 2018 leaving a legacy for his family to continue…

The Moore family is the first and only family in LegalShield to have FIVE generations. Kennith Moore’s Mom, Opal Moore, was the first generation, Kennith and Shirlene Moore the second, their son Randy Moore and his wife Patricia were the third, fourth is their grandson Jeremy Moore and his wife Stephanie, and their great-grandson Braden Moore is the fifth (Jeremy and Stephanie Moore’s oldest son). Kennith and Shirlene, Randy and Patricia, Jeremy and Stephanie have all earned the prestigious Millionaire Club, Platinum Jacket and Six-Figure Ring making them the FIRST family to achieve all THREE in LegalShield.

Randy and Patricia Moore joined LegalShield on a part-time basis while Randy worked as an Oklahoma Highway Patrol. They earned their $100K Ring while working part-time. Once retiring from Oklahoma Highway Patrol and working full-time LegalShield, they have since earned their $200K Ring, Performance Club Qualifiers since the inception, have earned bonuses, and written over 3,000 in memberships.

Jeremy and Stephanie Moore joined LegalShield in their early 20’s after Jeremy decided not to reenlist in the Army and Stephanie was earning her college degree. They have earned the $250K Ring and the only associates in Oklahoma to earn Platinum 7 multiple times for both personal sales (personally written over 14,000 in memberships) and team, Performance Club Qualifiers since the inception. They are the Platinum World Council Members for the Moore $ucess Team and have earned retention awards, team building awards, premium written awards, and many bonuses throughout their LegalShield career.

Braden Moore was honored the day he was born as the 5th Generation Moore when the Founder of PPL, Harland Stonecipher and the President of PPL, Wilburn Smith, sent a plaque to the hospital making him the honorary fifth generation. He has attended many LegalShield Conventions, Performance Club trips, Super Saturdays, Team Breakouts and Retreats while growing up, also receiving his own Platinum jacket on stage at our International Convention in OKC, but he began his actual LegalShield business at the age of 18 while being a full-time college student (and currently attending) the University of Oklahoma.

We are blessed to have you as part of our Moore $uccess Team Family and wish you much success in your LegalShield Business! Always remember our team motto…Remember to keep God first, family second and LegalShield third and you too can have Moore Success!