David & Jean Petermann

David & Jean Petermann

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Being able to help other people the best part of this opportunity. We can help them protect their families, their assets, and their identities in today’s world. Also, we like knowing that we can help people change their financial lives as well. Working with our team is very rewarding. We have made many lasting relationships.

I was introduced to LegalShield by a gentleman who came by my office every couple of months for about five years trying to get me to look at the business opportunity. Finally, I agreed to look at the product.

The membership was far more than I expected, and I simply loved the idea and overall concept. I was convinced that everyone in America needed it.

After going to a meeting to hear more, I decided to go to Ada to check it out. I was very impressed with the commitment to bring equal justice for all back to reality in America.  That is what we wanted to be a part of.

Before LegalShield, Jean and I owned our own businesses.  Jean still works some at her store.  Both our businesses really owned each of us, though.  That great American Dream of owning your own business had become a nightmare with all the overhead, liability, and cash flow issues.  Now, we do not have to deal with those!

We get to help people every day and not only feel good about it, but we also get paid very well for it. Were doing well while doing good!

Being on an as earned basis along with our residual income has allowed us to be paid everyday, even when life challenges have gotten in the way, like taking care of four elderly parents, four of my own surgeries along with nine weeks of radiation, we are still doing well while doing good! And… the best is yet to come!

Sincere appreciation to LegalShield, the home office staff, the ED line, and of course, Mr. Ken Moore and the entire Moore Success Team, including our own team that have become like family.

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