Ms. Huff is an Executive Director, NW Regional Trainer for the US and Canada, a $150K ring earner, and Millionaire Club Member. Katie has also personally sold 9400 memberships, opened 250+ groups, is in Special Forces, is the Montana Top Recruiter, and achieved the Rank Gold ED. She is a Top 10 Group Opener, Group Trainer of the Year 2007, and a National Convention Corporate trainer from 2005-2011. Her background is as a Registered Nurse and Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. She started her LegalShield business in 1999 on a part-time basis and in 2004 went full-time when Johnson and Johnson wanted to transfer her to Victoria TX. She has traveled throughout MT, WY driving 40K miles per year doing LS in a state with 1 million people. She just finished her first book that will be launched in September, “UNMASKED, the Power of Courage and Vulnerability to be Set Free”.  She hosts women’s retreats annually in MT inspiring and empowering women to be, do, and have all that God has called us to be. Living at a Level 10 with purpose and passion.