LegalShield has been a transformative factor in our lives. I am so glad that we took the “risk” to get started with this company in 1997. I was skeptical because I had been involved in a product-oriented network-marketing company previously and did not have a good experience. I mean I still had some of those expensive products on shelves in my garage. I became part of the “NFL Club” – No Friends Left, No Family Left because they didn’t want to purchase or participate in my latest venture. My husband, Kennedy, is a pretty sharp guy, and he insisted that this was different, that it was a professional service, that everyone needed, and everyone could afford, but everyone just didn’t know about it yet.

I was interested in a change. I had to do something! You see, I was stuck in my job in the San Francisco mayor’s office where I was told after 15 years and four different mayors that I could never get another promotion until I went back to school at night to earn a master’s degree. Well, that was near impossible because I didn’t even finish my bachelor’s. Also, I knew that being a mom of four and a wife that I didn’t want to sacrifice that time away from my family. As it was, my two youngest at the time, Mariah and Zach, were growing up in daycare. I believe things happen for a divine reason. I might have passed on this incredible opportunity because I felt comfortable making a good salary. But when that happened, I realized that I did not want to be a pawn in someone else’s chess game. LegalShield was going to be my exit strategy.

We both started our business spare time. Kennedy works in the hotel industry, and we enjoy the benefits received from that. We built our team, and then I quickly realized that I could create income through our Business Solutions division. So I started to develop my small business and employee benefit book of business. After about 18 months, I was able to “retire” early from my city job and have been enjoying a 20-second commute to my home office ever since.

I am so grateful I made the decision to really work all sides of our business model. I have been able to raise my children and now be a present grandma to our dear Amaya. We are able to travel and expand our business, and our greatest joy is to watch our son Jeremiah play football in the CFL.

We are blessed to have all four of our children join us in the family business, and we are now focused on team building and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I continue to also work in our Business Solutions division and actively build a team of professional sellers who are looking for a career change. The residual income stream that we now have will benefit our children and our grandchildren for generations to come.

Take a hold of this opportunity and don’t let go. Give it 100 percent. Don’t let the dream stealers rent space in your head.

We appreciate our team, Empower Partners, for joining us on the journey. And we want to thank our mentor and dear family friend, the late Mr. Dave Savula, for pouring into our lives. Thank you, Mr. Toby Cutberth, our direct upline, for your unwavering support, and to all the friends and mentors that we are privileged to know in the incredible company, we thank you, too. I was finally able to finish my degree. I now have a Ph.D. in motherhood and a minor in LOVE!