Mark & Leslie Udy

Mark & Leslie Udy

  • 100K Ring Earners

I was a full time Police Officer prior to LegalShield.  I did all of the fun stuff – I was on SWAT, I worked as a K-9 Officer, I worked Motors where I got to ride my Harley every day, and I was a D.A.R.E.Officer teaching kids to be strong. I also taught at the Police Academy part time to earn some extra income because it’s a great way to influence young Officers. The only problem was that I wasn’t able to earn the money I wanted to in order to support my family and at the end of my career there wasn’t going to be enough money to live on, let alone provide any kind of lifestyle. Law Enforcement doesn’t pay very well and every Officer I know has at least one part time JOB.  An officer’s retirement pay is only about half of their annual income.  Most can’t make it on their full time income, let alone on half that much?  I wanted something more!

At that time Leslie owned & ran a successful Police Uniform & Equipment Store. She spent 12+ hours a day running the store and worrying about all the things that come with being a traditional business owner.  It wasn’t the “American Dream” that she had hoped for.  She wasn’t able to spend time doing what mattered most to her, caring for our 6 children at home.  Between her schedule and mine, they spent a lot of time home alone.  But if the store wasn’t open, we weren’t making money and we needed that extra income to pay the bills.

We knew that we had to make a change if we were going to be able to provide any kind of lifestyle for our family and our later years.  That’s when I was introduced to LegalShield.  Right away I saw an opportunity where I could make a difference by providing a valuable service and at the same time I could make a better income to take care of my family!  This is what I had been looking for, however, Leslie didn’t want anything to do with it. She said she was busy running the store and had no room on her plate.  So I started working my LegalShield business on the side. Then she noticed deposits showing up in our bank account. That piqued her curiosity to take a look.  She came out to a Super Saturday with Larry Smith!  This was the “Game Changer”.  She was able to see what we do and the possibility to change our lives and have the “REAL” American Dream!  She was able to sell the store, come to work with me and be the Mom she wanted to be.

We have both worked our LegalShield business full time since 2007.

The residual income became our main focus!  At first there was a lot more work than money, but we soon matched our previous income and a few short years later our passive renewal income surpassed my 20 year law enforcement retirement income! And it’s fully willable to our children and grandchildren!

It’s been over 9 years now and we aren’t looking back!  Today our business continues to grow and several of our children have LegalShield businesses of their own!

We’ll forever be grateful to LegalShield for the lifestyle and security it has and continues to provide for our family!