Besides being a world-renowned comedian and actor, this couple pioneered the business for our deaf community, becoming a ring earner, always PC qualifying, holding leadership positions, and is now one of our most successful organizations with a growing team all across North America and currently #1 in power team recruiting for the Moore $uccess Team Keith and Emilia Wann. The #2 in power recruiting on the Moore $uccess Team is from Texas. They are LS Field Leaders, 6 figure Ring Earners, earned corporate awards for the best retention, consistently PC qualifying, Manley and Barbara Wilson. Coming in at #3 for power team recruiting is none other than Circle of Champions, $200k Ring Earners, Millionaire Club Members, PC qualifiers since inception from Utah, Dave and Wendy Hall and rounding out the top #4 in power team recruiting is 6 figure ring earners, field leaders for Southern California, consecutive PC qualifiers, earning many bonuses for their LS achievements, Branden end Emilee Samaniego. You will hear role-playing of scripts on recruiting and overcoming objections from these amazing leaders!