Getting Started Right

We’re excited for your success and proud of you for taking the first step toward reaching YOUR dreams! Success starts with you getting started as a new Associate the right way, getting connected to information for continuing education, and teaching the team you build to do the same.  Your goal is to get paid, promoted, and into profit mode quickly, right?  Right!

Follow the 10 Core Commitments below as your passport to success.

STEP 1: Set a Goal

  • Review your goal with your sponsor so you are aligned on how to work together.
  1. What is your WHY …..
  2. How much do you want to make in your first 6 months?
  3. How many hours are you willing to work to make that happen?
  4. What is your goal in your first 45 days?

STEP 2: Activate Your Business Technology

  • Get ready to enroll members:,, OR
  • Download the Apps: LegalShield, IDShield, Prospect by LegalShield, and LSEngage.
  • Join the Facebook groups: LegalShield Associate Success, and LegalShield Associate Support.
  • Use MEMBERPerks to save money.
  • Start your Will, use your membership.

STEP 3: Make a Plan

  • Use the Memory Jogger to create a list of prospects to share the membership and opportunity. Who can you invite from your cell phone contacts or Facebook friend list?
  • Set the date and time for your Private Zoom Call (first 24 hours).
  • Locate local Business Opportunity Meeting – Put in your calendar at
  • Set up 5 Sit Down Presentations with your sponsor (2:1 Presentation).

STEP 4: Get Trained

  • Go to:
  • Go to Search Bar (Enter – Fast Start).
  • Register for Fast Start Training Class.
  • Zoom Fast Start available for associates with no live class in the area.
  • Attend class as soon as possible (must be within the first 20 days for Fast Start bonus).

STEP 5: Take Action

  • Host a Private Zoom Call in your first 24 Hours.
  • Share the Opportunity / Membership Video 5-10 Prospects per day.
  • Do 3-Way Calls with sponsor.
  • Invite Guests to your local Business Opportunity Meeting (Bring 2).

Download the document from LS Engage

  1. Start each day the right way
    • State your personal affirmation
    • Set goals every day
    • Review and work your to-do list
  2. Stay connected
    • Watch corporate-sponsored shows
    • Listen to team calls
    • Read the LegalShield Associate Newsletter
    • Follow the LegalShield social media channels
  3. Do two new exposures every day
    Use third-party approaches and tools – (LegalShield websites, Prospect by LegalShield, Zooms, text messages, mobile apps, etc.)
    • Build a long distance team!
  4. Attend weekly business briefings with a guest
    • Make a 52-week commitment to attend your local briefing with a great attitude
    • Invite guests each week to grow your team
    • Attend the event after the event
  5. Invest in yourself and your team
    • Attend all training, encourage your team to attend all training opportunities and complete the Fast Start training program
    • Read 10 pages of a book per day
    • Listen to an inspirational/educational audio for at least 15 minutes per day
    • Conduct a game plan interview with all new associates
    • Map out goals with your associates
    • Attend all trainings and encourage your team to attend all training opportunities
  6. Attend a monthly Super Saturday
    • Attend monthly to learn from the best
    • Grow your team by promoting to your guests and associates
  7. Attend the International Convention
    • Learn from the top leaders in LegalShield, all in one weekend–bigger vision, bigger belief!
    • Attend your team breakout session
  8. Retain your members
    • Sell the membership right
    • Get members to download the app and get their Will prepared
    • Follow up with new members
    • Ask for referrals
  9. Find a workout partner and choose a mentor
    • Partner up with someone who will hold you accountable, motivate you, and help you stretch for more
    • Choose a mentor who can help guide you to achieve your goals
    • Be a mentor
  10. Double your business one year from now!
    • Raise the B.A.R. (i.e. your Belief, Activity, and Results)