There were MORE NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS and UPDATES in OKC this last weekend than any International Convention in HISTORY!

7 MILLIONAIRE CLUB MEMBERS: Chris Hughes, Jeremy Moore, David Hughes, Kyle Kimbrell, Ken Moore, Jeff Hughes and
Randy Moore will be on SPECIAL NORTH AMERICAN OKC RECAP TEAM CALL TONIGHT, Monday, April 15th!

Topics to be Covered:
NEXT Performance Club Trip – Jamaica, Ritz Carlton!

NEW Executive Director Trip to Cabo San Lucas!

NEW Live More Magazine!

NEW Business Briefing Slides & Videos!

NEW Flip Chart!

NEW Associate Kit!

NEW Associate Hub Site!


NEW Associate Email!

NEW Briefing Time!

NEW 30 Minute Training Modules!

NEW ID Theft Premium Plan!

NEW Group Training Format!

NEW Enrollment Procedure – No SS # Needed!

NEW BUY NOW process!

NEW 90 Day Tracking Form!

NEW Ways To ADVANCE QUICKER in Compensation Plan!

And Much More!