Mr. Katoa is a Millionaire Club Member and one of the newest $150,000 ring earners. Danny said that “Prior to being introduced to LegalShield, I was pursuing a career in professional sports. When that didn’t work out, I settled into what society programs the masses to be “9-to-5” workers. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, my first job ever was as a school counselor, and after working an entire month, my first paycheck was an astounding $780 and some change after Uncle Sam had taken his share. I knew people who could barely speak English but were making five times the amount I was making simply by trimming trees and building rock walls. This is when the light bulb went on for me. I figured out the only difference was that they were working in a system of providing a service. Although it was hard labor, it was a service. In school counseling, before I filled out my applications, someone whom I had never met had already decided how much I was worth and had a plan for my life and how it was going to look for the next 40 years. I got it right away—the difference of SYSTEM.” Listen to Danny tell his story about how he used systems to grow his LegalShield business.