Prior to LegalShield, Mr. Hall had been working manual labor jobs. At the age of 16, his father was diagnosed with cancer. For the next few years, as his father went through chemo and radiation, there was no income for the family. Dave was the oldest of 9 children still at home so he decided to quit school and go to work. He quickly discovered little education brought minimum wage. Over the next 12 years, he did everything from pizza delivery to construction, furniture mover to Jiffy Lube. He also tried 4 home-based businesses that all ended in failure and huge financial loss. Thankfully someone showed him LegalShield. He started part-time but within a few months, his 5-10 hours in LegalShield was paying him more than his 60-hour full-time job. After his 2nd year, he was earning over $100K per year and never looked back. Seven years later he was inducted into LegalShield’s Millionaire Club and his life has a whole new purpose. He has an amazing wife with 8 children. In 2003 he was the top recruiter in LegalShield receiving a $10,000 bonus on stage at our International Convention. In March of 2016, his mother, Sally Gilbert, a widowed grandmother in her 70’s became a $100K Ring Earner in LegalShield. If a guy without a High School Diploma can learn how to do this business and become a millionaire, along with his mother, anyone can!