This week we have TWO powerful and dynamic women in LegalShield. First, we have a woman who has been in LegalShield for 25 years. Mrs. Gayle Serba has earned the $1,000,000 Ring, Platinum Jacket and is a Millionaire Club Member. Gayle is a powerful voice on the Platinum World Council. She will be discussing the Lady of Justice Group and the success it is having in LegalShield.

Second, we have Ms. Lynne Hardin. Lynne is a $50K Ring Earner & 5,000 production award recipient. She has a background of advocation for Women and Children…working with Massaru Emoto in Japan, the Dar El Hickma School for Women in Saudia Arabia and the V-Day Foundation in New York City. She is passionate about LegalShield and has been in the business since 2010.