Topic: PBRs and Leveraging Tools for Long Term Building

Mrs. Burns’ story prior to LegalShield is the same as many other associates. She was a full time student, majoring in Business Administration and working full time for Hewlett Packard. With that schedule it was safe to say she was extremely busy. Kate also knew that corporate America would not allow her to live the dreams and aspirations she had for her life. She begin with LegalShield, part time, and 3 months into the business she made and extra $9700 and reached Executive Director. She decided to go full time, and never looked back.

Kate is now a $100,000 Ring Earner and has the great honor of being full time with LegalShield for 5 years plus as a stay at home mother of 3. Kate now serves alongside her husband Ryan as Utah Network Vice President. She and her husband enjoy a life style, that never would have been possible without the commitment and belief in LegalShield. Her passion is developing leaders, and carrying out Harland Stonecipher’s vision of creating more millionaires.