Ms. Rounds is a provider attorney with Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison, & Lewis.

What Mary knew about lawyers as a child, she learned from Perry Mason. From a child’s view, he was almost superhuman; calm, smart, and possessed of some magical talent that elicited the truth from everyone, right on cue by the end of the hour.

When she finally came to the law as an adult, she found no one with actual magic powers, but talented, committed and smart people. She discovered that when the practice of law appeared to be about developing and exerting power over others, it was a stressful, unsettling and unsatisfying pursuit. Then she found the Neighbor for Neighbor Legal Clinic and what life and the practice of law can be like in the pursuit of power for others, the use of the special license and skill of the law in service of others.