The Pedens have been with LegalShield since January 12, 1993. Russell & Carole started out as 21 & 22-year-old college students with no experience in sales or business and no real education outside our High School diplomas. What they did have was a desire to share the services with everyone they knew, cared about, and came in contact with.

When they started the only tools available were a cassette tape and a black & white brochure. They earned $7700 the first year handing out that cassette tape and asking people to listen to it. Doing the same thing the next year their income doubled to $15900. And then it doubled again their third year to $30,000. With the help of their team, their income TRIPLED the fourth year to over $100K. And tripled again the next year. More importantly, they have helped dozens of people create six-figure incomes for their families and 16 of those folks have become Millionaire Club Members.

The Pedens say they owe their success to their great mentors; Woody and Fran Alexander. They believed in Russell & Carole and taught them everything they knew about Recruiting and Team Building. That training has helped them to enjoy a significant passive residual income from the nearly 450,000 Memberships that have been sold by the 90,000+ Associates that have joined their team over the last 25 years.