$100K Ring Earner Mr. Damian Sheber and two members of his team tackle another of the 10 Core Commitments; Two Exposures a Day. Joining Mr. Sheber this week are Mrs. Teri Green & Mr. John Walker.

Mrs. Green is a Senior Director, Jamaica qualifier, and one of the top recruiters on the Moore Success Team. She and her husband Dave are business owners and have slowly been scaling back their business as LegalShield continues to replace more and more of their traditional business income.

Mr. Walker is a corporate executive with one of the largest grocery store chains in the western U.S., Winco Foods. Around his 50-55 hour per week job, Mr. Walker has built a team that has marketed nearly 2,000 memberships over the last four years. Mr. Walker is a consistent Performance Club Qualifier and has qualified as high as Bronze Executive Director.